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Reconmatic Shines at International Postgraduate Research Conference

The School of Science, Engineering, and Environment at the University of Salford hosted an international conference for PhD students titled - Innovations and Impacts of Research, held on 28th May 2024 to showcase research from PGR students from Salford and PGRs across the world. Papers and posters were welcomed across related fields to highlight novel ideas, methodologies, and technological developments that demonstrate the impacts of research on their field.

The RECONMATIC project was proudly represented by two of its researchers. The first presenter, Olumide Fasanmi from the University of Salford, captivated the audience with his presentation on "End of Life Strategies and Sustainable Demolition Technologies for Buildings." His insights highlighted the innovative approaches being developed to enhance sustainability in the demolition and deconstruction process.

The second presenter, Slávek Zbirovský from the Czech Technical University in Prague, took the stage to present "Point Cloud to BIM Using Python Codes." Slávek’s work focuses on utilizing advanced technologies to create precise digital representations of physical structures, which are crucial for modern construction and renovation projects and for making better decisions at the end of a building's life cycle.

Learn more and download the complete paper here

Olumide Fansami from USAL & Slavek Zbirovsky from CVUT

Both presentations were intricately linked and featured in the "Leveraging BIM for Lean-Built Asset Life-cycles" session, showcasing how the Building Information Modeling (BIM) can optimise the lifecycle of built assets.

Another interesting part was to learn about other people who work in the construction industry, contributing to the discussion, networking, and providing insight into the RECONMATIC project.

The session concluded with an expert panel discussion, where participants engaged in lively debates and posed questions about the proposed solutions. The conference provided a valuable platform for sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration among the international research community. Lastly, Slavek's won the best presentation award for the morning session!

Slavek Zbirovsky 's diploma for best speaker



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