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Circular Construction Cluster


Join forces with us


The RECONMATIC project team is glad to announce the formation of the Circular Construction Cluster.  

This cluster, funded by the European Union, aims to nurture collaboration among other projects, academia and industry stakeholders in the field of construction and demolition waste management. The cluster, also, aims to increase impact of the results of all engaged organisations and to exchange valuable knowledge on the topics of circularity as the goal, not only of new technologies development (AI, robotics, automation, digital twins etc), but also of new frameworks of collaboration, regulation recommandations and recycled and reused construction materials manufacture. 

We invite other European projects, academic institutions, start-ups and established institutions to join us in the effort to promote tangible circular solutions for the construction sector, which provides 18 million direct jobs, contributes to about 9% of the EU's GDP, drives economic growth, provides solutions for social, climate and energy challenges, but also accounts for more than a third of all waste generated in the EU.  

We promote collaborations on various levels, such as mutual exchange of projects’ expertise and technical innovations,  joint promotional and dissemination activities, workshops and events co-organisation. Organising the RECONMATIC Clustering Event was a first step towards this direction.

With this initiative, we embrace the European objective of achieving a circular economy, recognising it as the sole path towards transcending the prevailing model of perpetual growth and escalating resource consumption. In doing so, we advance Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and honor the commitments outlined in the Paris Agreement on climate change. The construction industry must play its part in advancing the circularity agenda, viewing this imperative as an opportunity to catalyse transformative change within the sector. By embracing circular construction principles throughout the lifecycle of buildings and infrastructure projects, we foster innovation and equip ourselves to effectively tackle both local and global challenges. 

Follow our hashtag #CircularConstructionCluster to stay tuned for the cluster’s latest activities and news. 

This webpage is going to be continuously updated with more information on the cluster activities. 

Sharing the same vision

A social media campaign 

Common elements, goals and identified potential synergies with several European initiatives in the digitisation and circularity in the construction industry, nurtured the idea of bringing them together, for closer collaboration, exchange of knowledge and tools and joint dissemination activities. Follow our social media campaign under the hashtag #EU4CDWmanagement to learn more.

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