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RECONMATIC in the CDW Stakeholders Kick-off Meeting by TAUW

As one of the main building blocks for the European Green Deal, the Circular Economy Action Plan aims to further close the resource loop along the entire life cycle of products. The construction sector is the EU’s biggest single source of waste and the RECONMATIC project continues working on synergies with several stakeholders and initiatives, in order to maximise its contribution to the net-zero goal.

This time we would like to put in the spotlight the European Commission’s ongoing project, "Background Data Collection for Future EU End-of-Waste (EoW) Criteria of Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) – GROW/2022/OP/0015" and invite you, on behalf of their team, to the online Stakeholder Kick-Off meeting they organise on 10 May 2023 from 10am to 12pm (CEST – change to your time zone). The meeting will be a live webinar with Microsoft Teams.

The project is led by TAUW Group and works on collecting data and information on the waste and by-product streams of the construction and demolition waste sector, as a task defined by the Commission within this DG Grow project. The data and information collected within the project will lead to a priority list of waste streams, for which end-of-waste criteria on an EU level should be made. One major part of the project is to identify and consult all the actors involved along the construction value chain and related waste streams. It will be an exciting exercise to take on board different perspectives and to gather knowledge for circularity in this vital sector of the circular economy.

Therefore, RECONMATIC is already in contact with the TAUW Team and several of our experts will participate in the Stakeholder Kick-Off Meeting. We are all looking forward to this opportunity to learn more about the GROW/2022/OP/0015 project and its goals and share our views and expertise with all the participating experts from the construction and demolition waste sector to inform the project.

Registrations for the Stakeholder Kick-Off meeting are open to all experts from the construction and demolition waste sector.

Please feel free to share this invitation with any colleagues, members, or business partners that you think would be interested in attending the event. We are looking forward to meeting you in the webinar!


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