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RECONMATIC's collaboration with Chinese partners kicks off officially in Beijing

Kick-off Meeting in Beijing

In late 2023, the RECONMATIC project saw the participation of key partners from China, under the leadership of CACE (the China Association of Circular Economy). This collaborative effort received approval from the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology to establish the project under the "Intergovernmental International Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Programme”. This approval designates RECONMATIC as a scientific and technological research and innovation cooperation project, and one of China's key research and development programmes. In November 2023, the Chinese partners held a project kick-off meeting in Beijing. 

Project leaders participating in an online Q&A session (from left to right: Jihao Chen from China Building Materials Academy, Kai Zhao from CACE, Jingjiang Liu from MoHURD)

By participating in the RECONMATIC project, these partners aim to address China's challenges with waste recycling, including underutilisation, low recycling value, and market development difficulties. Through collaboration with teams from the EU and the UK, the project seeks to exchange advanced concepts and technologies, cooperate in researching digitalisation and AI technologies for construction waste treatment, and carry out demonstration work. Ultimately, it aims to reduce construction waste at source, and enhance the value and market competitiveness of recycled materials, thus promoting the high-quality development of the construction circular economy. The project's research outcomes are expected to hold global significance, especially for developing countries facing urbanisation and construction waste management challenges, underlining the importance of the Chinese partners' participation.

As a throwback look to RECONMATIC's activities in China, it is worth mentioning the visit paid by the representatives from RECONMATIC’s BIM-related development team in Europe at the China International Supply Chain Expo (CISCE) 2023. Namely, Vitalij Tetervov and Robert Hempel from BIMBox, and Jia Li and Daniel Ford from Arcas & Callisto Consulting (A&C) were among the representatives. You can read more about this here.


This article was written collaboratively by our partners, CACE and Arcas & Callisto.

Stay tuned for more news related to RECONMATIC's cooperation with the Chinese team in the upcoming period.



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