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RECONMATIC at Futurebuild Expo 2024

Materials and energy efficiency at the forefront


Our UK partner, Arcas & Callisto Consulting visited Futurebuild 2024 recently to catch up on the latest sustainable building ideas and share what's new with RECONMATIC, the upcoming plans, and the Circular Construction Cluster event that took place recently. We value Futurebuild because it's the biggest event for sustainable building in the UK. It's great for getting professionals together to share ideas and work in partnership, helping us move the industry forward towards our net-zero targets. 

The materials section is always a standout at the expo. It's all about finding new and better ways to use materials that benefit the planet. We all know concrete is a big source of carbon emissions but we still need it for building cities. This year, there was a lot of talk about making cement and concrete in a way that's less harmful to the environment like graphene-enhanced cement and growing concrete. RECONMATIC is also proud to contribute to the international net zero goal with our ideas about automated solutions for circular construction and demolition waste management. Increasing the reuse and recycling levels of Construction & Demolition waste (C & D), concrete, and cement as one of the biggest steams of C&D waste is the focus of our project.


Another highlight was the return of the National Retrofit Conference. With 27 million homes in the UK needing better insulation and energy-saving features, the conference showed how we can overcome the hurdles to make these improvements on a big scale. It's all about finding practical ways to make our buildings more energy-efficient.


Last year, the RECONMATIC partners, Italferr S.p.A., Arcas & Callisto Consulting, and the University of Salford visited Futurebuild expo in London (7-9 March 2023) to get inspired, attend conferences, and visit sustainably driven product booths. It had been an inspiring experience, that allowed them to get in touch with different stakeholders and actors in the construction field, who presented to them innovative solutions, that could be potentially used in the RECONMATIC project and beyond. Read more about this here.


We look forward to next year’s Futurebuild and we will continually contribute to the dialogue and action stemming from sustainable construction events.



This article was written by our partner, Arcas & Callisto.

Stay tuned for more news related to RECONMATIC in the upcoming period.






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