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Reconmatic Clustering Event: 
Promoting Circularity in Construction

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The RECONMATIC partners were delighted to organise the online Clustering Event: Promoting Circularity in Construction, hosted on the BUILD UP platform on 28 February 2024 (13:00-14:30 CET). RECONMATIC works on providing solutions to digitalize and automate construction and demolition waste management (CDWM) aiming to mitigate or reduce waste and foster higher added value reuse of construction and demolition waste materials. 

The project proudly announced its initiative to join forces with more projects and organisations working on circular construction and form the Circular Contruction Cluster.

In this clustering event, sustainability experts and key stakeholders in construction, IT, automation, business and communication disciplines were brought together to provide an overview of the European priorities for the Twin Transition in the sector and identify collaboration opportunities between several research initiatives with similar goals.

Namely, the representatives of the projects Beeyonders, CircularB COST Action, Reincarnate, RobetArme, REDOL and Valrec joined their counterparts in the RECONMATIC project, in a discussion panel that aspires to pave the path to independent collaboration workshops on specific research topics.

The aim of this clustering event and the the Circular Construction Cluster is to contribute to narrowing the gap between the research community and industry stakeholders who are invited to share their hurdles and experiences in implementing circularity along various construction life cycle stages. Given the high potential social impact of the project on European society, this event was open to the general public.

We aspire that this is be an initial step to take the research for circularity and sustainability in the construction sector to the next level. 


Subscribe to the cluster news and follow us on LinkedIn and X (Twitter) to be updated on our activities and apply to join the cluster to join forces with us for the next steps! 

Event Agenda

Download the event presentation here.


Presentation of BUILD UP, Introduction to webinar topic and agenda 

BUILD UP Team member 


Welcome and Introduction

Jan Valentin 

Czech Technical University in Prague, RECONMATIC Project Coordinator 


Twin Transition Projects: Synergies between participating projects 

Anna Palaiologk 

Future Needs Management Consulting, RECONMATIC Impact Leader, Economist, Expert in EU Research Funding


Panel Discussion on similarities between participating projects 

Moderated by Jan Valentin 

Czech Technical University in Prague, RECONMATIC Project Coordinator 


Future Research Dissemination and Conference Opportunities 

Moderated by Georgia Nikolakopoulou 

Future Needs Management Consulting, Leader of RECONMATIC Dissemination and Exploitation for Business and Education 


Conclusions and Closure 

Jan Valentin 

Czech Technical University in Prague, RECONMATIC Project Coordinator 


Thank you from BUILD UP 

BUILD UP Team member 

The event was announced and hosted on BUILD UP platform. 


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