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RECONMATIC Guidance Tool for Circularity was presented in the 1st Webinar by CircularB COST Action

ITC-AICE and Teresa Ros Dosda have actively participated in the first webinar by the CircularB COST Action, hosted on the BUILD UP platform. Teresa has presented the methodology and the work in progress of an open-source digital tool, developed within the RECONMATIC project, to guide the implementation and assessment of circularity and sustainability practices in different processes and stages of the life cycle of CDW. The two projects have an established collaboration on several activities under the framework of the Circular Construction Cluster.

The guidance tool is intended to guide non-expert actors in the construction value chain to implement, evaluate, and prioritise circularity and sustainability practices and solutions related to the prevention, management and recovery of demolition and construction waste. It will complement the digital and automated solutions developed by the project and will be available for free use by anyone interested.

The implementation of the tool to the RECONMATIC use cases and demonstrators coming up in the last year of the project will be the last validation of the tool. Lessons learnt will contribute to further finetuning of the tool version developed by the summer of 2025.

The indicators included in the tool have been validated in national workshops organised by RECONMATIC in Cyprus, Greece, the Czech Republic, Spain and the UK. The first version of the tool will be available online by August 2024. After that, the tool will be presented and further validated in an international workshop supported by the Circular Construction Cluster, that will be organised and announced in September 2024, where all industry stakeholders are invited to participate.

The CircularB Action aims to develop a common circularity framework for inclusive application and assessment in new and existing buildings to support decision-making for all value chain stakeholders and appraise the implementation level of the European Circular Economy Action Plan (ECEAP). Over six virtual interactive sessions, the COST Action 21103 (CircularB) presents a Stakeholder Webinar Series 'Implementation of Circular Economy in the Built Environment' to foster circular economy knowledge exchange among stakeholders from different COST regions. This first webinar, organized by CircularB and hosted by Build UP, will delve into the common circularity framework CIRCULARB is developing to support decision-making for all value chain stakeholders and appraise the implementation level of the European Circular Economy Action Plan (ECEAP) in buildings.

The first webinar included the stakeholder group Academia and Research presenting their results and research activities that promote circularity in the built environment. An innovative and award-winning approach to the valorization of earthquake waste was presented along with the RECONMATIC guidance tool on circularity and sustainability.


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