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Presentation of the regulation for CDW management in Castilla and León region

On 18 July 2023, our Spanish partners RECSO and AIECE participated in the Presentation Day of Decree 5/2023 of May 4, which regulates the production and sustainable management of construction and demolition waste in the Castilla and León region.

The event was organised by AGERDCYL, the association of construction and demolition waste managers of Castilla y León that celebrated 10 years since its creation. RECSO is a member of this association and namely, Mr. Javier Llorente Muñoz, RECSO’s CEO is the president of AGERDCYL, who welcomed all participants to the event.

During the presentation, various issues were discussed, among which was the way this regulation would contribute to the objectives of sustainable development, the Agenda 2030, and the waste management plan of Castilla and León region. The conference included a session on the present and future of sustainable construction in Castilla and León region and the applications of recycled aggregates, which was moderated by D. Enrique Cobreros Garcia, director of AIECE.

Besides RECSO many important organisations in the sector were represented in the event. More details on the agenda and the keynote speakers (in Spanish):

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