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Automated Solutions For Sustainable And Circular Construction And Demolition Waste Management


Reconmatic Clustering Event

The RECONMATIC partners are delighted to invite you to the Online Clustering Event on Circularity in Construction, hosted on the BUILD UP platform on 28 February 2024 (13:00-14:30 CET).

Open Call to Stakeholders

If you are an architect, designer, client, material manufacturer, contractor, waste manager or similar, we invite you to support our research providing us feedback. Your collective insights will help shape our solutions, ensuring they address genuine user needs, while also broadening the project's reach and impact.

YOU can contribute in: 

Participate in developing a reliable and expansive dataset of construction products and materials.

Join developing digital tools to standardise & improve the exchange of construction &  demolition (C&D) waste information.

Developing a guidance tool for implementing

circularity in construction processes that

meet your needs.

Your contribution is valuable. Contact us to expess your interest to become a part of a team driving meaningful transformation, reshaping the future of waste management into a system that benefits all. Stay tuned for updates on all our activities!


The main goal of RECONMATIC is to test, validate and integrate innovative solutions and tools for C&D waste management within the whole life-cycle of buildings and infrastructure, in order to address the challenge for a zero waste construction industry in Europe and a low energy consuming sector. This will be achieved by developing automated tools and digitalised processes and decision-making, in order to mitigate and reduce waste, and to foster higher added value reuse of C&D waste materials. 


4 yrs

01/07/2022 – 30/06/2026



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