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The RECONMATIC project partners from China visited the Czech Republic

On September 18th and 19th, 2023, following a successful annual meeting in Manchester, our RECONMATIC project partners from China led by Prof. Liu Jingjiang of the Center of Science and Technology and Industrialization Development, Ministry of Housing and Rural Development of China, embarked on an insightful journey to the Czech Republic.

The Chinese partners with Ing. Jan Valentin, the RECONMATIC project coordinator, in front of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague

Their itinerary began with a visit to the Czech Technical University in Prague (CVUT), the pivotal institution behind the RECONMATIC project coordination. Here, they were also introduced to ENVISAN-GEM, a leading recycling and waste company located in South Bohemia and an integral Czech partner within the project, actively contributing to waste management tasks.

Day one at CVUT's Faculty of Civil Engineering was a hive of activity. The Chinese experts, representing not just the Center of Science and Technology and Industrialization Development, but also the China Academy of Building Research, engaged in meaningful discussions. The highlight was a presentation on the prototype of a cutting-edge multimodal acquisition system. Developed for capturing diverse construction and demolition waste data, this system promises advanced classification and automated recognition. The presentation was helmed by Vaclav Nezerka, the lead of WP 4 within the RECONMATIC initiative. Alongside project coordinator and other CVUT colleagues, they toured several state-of-the-art laboratories of the university, exploring progressive recycling methodologies for CDW derived materials. The day concluded with a strategic meeting with the faculty's dean, Prof. Jiří Máca. The current strides in RECONMATIC were emphasized and both parties deliberated on broader future collaborations.

The meeting with the dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering at CVUT. In the middle Mrs. Wang Siya, group leader of China Academy of Building Research; Prof. Jiří Máca, dean of the faculty, Prof. Liu Jingjiang and Jan Valentin). Both Mrs. Wang Siya and Prof. Liu Jingjiang hold esteemed positions on the International Expert Advisory Board of RECONMATIC.

The team of the Chinese experts includes members of the China Academy of Building Research and is lead by the MOHURD

The following morning, the Chinese experts' group traveled to South Bohemia. After touring the ENVISAN-GEM's premises, they were treated to engaging presentations that dove deep into the company's initiatives and those of JAIP, represented by director Mrs. Michaela Novotná. The visit rounded up with a productive discussion on South Bohemia's regional innovation ecosystem and the tools driving its success.

Touring the facilities of ENVISAN-GEM

The meeting was orchestrated and hosted by Jan Valentin (CVUT-project coordinator), Václav Filištein (ENVISAN-GEM), and Michaela Novotná (JAIP).

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Note: ENVISAN-GEM shares its establishment with GEN-TREND at Hůry 149, Rudolfov, České Budějovice.



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