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RECONMATIC at RECYCLING 2024 | “Circular Economy in Construction and Use of Secondary Building Materials”

The RECONMATIC coordinator Ing. Jan Valentin, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Civil Engineering Czech Technical University in Prague and his colleagues Dr. Zdeněk Prošek, and Dr. Jan Trejbal actively participated in the traditional conference RECYCLING 2024 - Circular Economy in Construction and Use of Secondary Building Materials in Brno, Czech Republic, which was organised by the Association for Development of Recycling of Building Materials in the Czech Republic in collaboration with Faculty of Mechanical Engineering UT Brno.   

The conference has served for many years as a presenting and discussing platform for experts from the Czech Republic and Slovakia who deal with problems connected with recycling of construction and demolition waste. In total 20 papers were presented on April 18th and 19th, focusing on questions relating to the recycling of mineral aggregate, solar photovoltaic panels, asphalt mixtures, blast furnace and steel slag, incineration bottom ash, and materials based on gypsum. Besides, topics of selective demolitions and pre-demolition audits were discussed including a very intensive panel discussion.   

Representatives from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic clarified the current state of the legislation on managing construction and demolition waste. Developers and engineers from recycling companies described their technologies for processing and sorting waste. Academics presented their research and development.  


Jan Valentin presented the results of an experimental study focused on replacing aggregate in pavement cement concrete by selected gradations of steel slag. Moreover, he presented the conclusions from a pilot application of incineration bottom ash (IBA) in construction layers of road structures where additionally recycled concrete was used in subsoil and between 30 and 60% reclaimed asphalt in new asphalt mixtures. Zdeněk Prošek showed his results from the analysis of the thermal-moisture behaviour of building envelope composed of blocks made of recycled gypsum, and the properties of cement screeds containing recycled fine fractions of mineral aggregate, which is part of activities of Work Package 5 of the RECONMATIC project. Jan Trejbal presented the results on the classification of silicate and organic fragments of demolition debris using multisensory techniques that are part of the solutions within Work Package 4 of our project.   


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