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RECONMATIC partners, CIOB and Redrow Homes collaborate for Student Challenge at Liverpool John Moores University

Morgan Sindall Construction, a partner in the RECONMATIC project, in partnership with the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) and Redrow Homes led a student challenge event at Liverpool John Moores University, titled "Waste in Construction – What’s the Route to Net Zero and a True Circular Economy?"

The challenge showcased aspects of the RECONMATIC project research to effectively manage construction and demolition (C&D) waste in the entire lifecycle of buildings to help tackle the challenge of achieving a zero-waste construction industry and reducing energy consumption in the sector.

This unique challenge offered budding construction a platform to showcase their skills and creativity while addressing crucial issues in sustainable construction practices. It was undertaken competitively with teams assembled from five top universities in the UK, including the RECONMATIC consortium members University of Salford and University of Manchester, and the University of BoltonLiverpool John Moores University and UCLan.

This challenge was designed by Morgan Sindall to provide students with insight into RECONMATIC’s cutting-edge research in the field, supporting one of the key objectives of RECONMATIC, to disseminate information to Academics and Industry Professionals. 


The challenge centred around a real-life example of House of Sport – a refurbishment project recently delivered by Morgan Sindall for Manchester City Council. 

Students were tasked with the meticulous review of the project's drawings to identify materials within the existing layout that could be removed and reused in the refurbishment process. This exercise aimed to promote sustainable construction practices and foster an understanding of the circular economy. 

In addition to material identification, participants were required to identify waste streams generated on-site and devise effective strategies for proper waste management, aligning with waste hierarchy principles. The challenge also involved the creation of a comprehensive site waste management plan, complete with a logistics plan to ensure efficient execution. 

Among other activities, students delved into understanding European Waste Catalogue (EWC) codes, explored waste-to-energy solutions, and landfill practices. A notable aspect of the challenge was the creation of an educational poster for on-site display, emphasising the importance of responsible waste management. 


The challenge culminated in the announcement of the winning team and recipient of the best individual prize who each received gift cards, and work experience with Redrow Homes. The Best Team Award went to LJMU Group 2: Adam Dennett, Grace Maddock, Reece Davies, Eddie McCurrie, whilst the Best Individual Award went to Gayatri Kedar from the University of Manchester. 

Liverpool John Moores University Students, Adam Dennett, Grace Maddock, Reece Davies, and Eddie Mccurrie receiving the 'Best Team' Award

University Of Manchester student Gayatri Kedar receiving The 'Best Individual' Award

This collaborative effort between Morgan Sindall Construction, CIOB, Redrow Homes, and Liverpool John Moores University not only nurtured the talents of future construction professionals but also emphasised the industry's commitment to sustainability and innovation in waste management practices. Such initiatives are pivotal in shaping the next generation of construction leaders and promoting responsible construction practices. 

"The event epitomises the intersection of academia and industry, fostering a culture of sustainable innovation. The students gained invaluable experience in tackling real-world challenges while contributing to the ongoing mission of achieving a zero-waste construction industry. It's a testament to our commitment to shaping the next generation of construction leaders with a deep sense of responsibility for our environment, and all the while keeping our partnership with the RECONMATIC initiative at the forefront of everything we do", says Owen Ashton, Morgan Sindall Digital Construction Manager and Chair of the CIOB Preston Hub.

"The competition was an exhilarating experience. Throughout the competition, we deep-dived into topics such as waste hierarchy, European Waste Catalogue (EWC) codes, Waste-to-Energy, Circular Economy principles, and Site Waste Management Planning. Our journey wasn't just about competition; it was an opportunity to explore and discuss solutions to one of the construction industry's pressing issues. My gratitude extends to the jury, mentors, and all the industry experts who were part of the event, generously imparting their expertise and enlightening us with a wealth of valuable information”, says Gayatri Kedar, MSc Construction Project Management student, University of Manchester & Winner of the Best Individual Award.  

This article is authored by the Morgan Sindall team and has been published on Morgan Sindall Website


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