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RECONMATIC in the Czech TecniCall

If you read in Czech and you are interested in science and engineering the last issue of the TecniCall magazine is published and includes an informative article about the RECONMATIC project and the technologies developed by the Czech Technical University in Prague.

The article is authored by the coordinator of the RECONMATIC project, Ing. Jan Valentin, and doc. Ing. Václav Nežerka, who was one of the authors of the latest RECONMATIC paper on machine-learning-assisted classification of Construction and Demolition Waste Material (CDW) fragments.


TecniCall is a magazine, produced in collaboration between the Department of External Relations at the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) rectorate and Česká technika – the CTU Publishing House. It provides information about the results of scientific and research work being carried out at CTU, unique scientific and research projects, and collaboration between CTU workplaces and companies, with emphasis on efforts to bring CTU and industry close together.

Read the full issue online here: or just download the article on RECONMATIC featuring on page 41.

Download PDF • 2.03MB

The printed magazine is distributed through stands located in public spaces at the university and also in ministries, local government offices and business complexes in Prague.



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