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RECONMATIC in “Civil Engineering Days”

On the 23rd of May 2023 the School of Civil Engineering of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) together with the Technical Chamber of Greece - Department of Central Macedonia organized the “Civil Engineering Days” event, which is part of the “Engineering Days” event series.

The event was mainly addressed to civil engineering students and recent graduates starting their careers. The undergraduate and postgraduate programs of AUTH’s Civil Engineering Department were presented, along with the Department’s recent research and scientific activities. The traineeship programs provided by the Department were mentioned for their importance of connecting the studies with the job market and letting the students practice and advance their skills. The attendees had also the chance to receive information from accomplished civil engineers representing different aspects of the job market (entrepreneurs, civil servants, etc.), on the job alternatives a civil engineer can follow throughout their career in Greece.

RECONMATIC actively participated in the event represented by the AUTH team members, Theodoros Theodosiou, Aikaterina Karanafti and Katerina Tsikaloudaki. The attendees were informed about the project’s scope and expected outcomes, through in person discussions and through the project’s brochures distribution throughout the event. The undergraduate students and young engineers had the chance to find out the importance of circularity and effective waste management in the construction sector for a sustainable future. The project was also referenced by the events’ speakers during the presentation of the Departments’ research programs as part of the Laboratory of Building Construction and Building Physics’ recent research activity.



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