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"Engineering the Future": Conference in the University of Manchester

The Engineering the Future conference was hosted by the University of Manchester on 28 and 29 March 2023. It was a two day hybrid event that was held in the new home of Engineering and Materials at The University of Manchester, that was attended by experts from the academia and the industry sector worldwide.

The University of Manchester researchers, Prof. Yong Wang and Dr. Muhammad Omer, who are also participating in the RECONMATIC project, presented their research results at the conference, participating in the session "Sustainable Future – Decarbonising Construction" on the 2nd day of the conference. This session presented the latest research developments in low-carbon and sustainable infrastructure materials, low-carbon engineering practice: design and construction, circular construction, whole life performance and policy and business models.

The conference showcased recent and future research and the contributions they are making in educating the next generation of engineers. The event highlighted the way the University is impacting the world, including contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and provided an opportunity to learn more about what they do.

The conference was a great opportunity to:

· Attend talks and interactive workshops focused on specific technical areas

· Meet the researchers and students of the university

· Visit the university facilities

· Speak with their business engagement teams to find out more about how to work with them

More details about the event and the agenda:


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