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Developing a guidance tool for implementing circularity in construction #1

In the last months, RECONMATIC has started its activities to lay the foundations of its guidance tool for implementing sustainability and circularity of construction processes focusing on CDW life cycle and complementing the Automated Solutions developed in

the project.

The needs, gaps and opportunities of these solutions and the dimensions of circularity and sustainability that will be taken into account have already been identified. During August and September, interviews are being conducted with stakeholders in the construction sector to find out which features of the WP6 tool they consider relevant. We have the support of designers and architects, manufacturers, asset managers, waste managers and demolition companies. Many thanks to all of you that have already being in touch with us and provided valuable input.

The next step will be to go into detail to define the indicators that the guidance tool will take into account for its semi-quantitative assessment. During the next months, six workshops will be organised, inviting the sector's stakeholders to join them, in order to validate our approach to the tool development followed in the first phase.

If you are working in the construction and demolition industry and interested in applying circular economy practices, join us and help us develop a tool that meets your needs! Your contribution is valuable and greatly appreciated! Please contact us to apply for your free participation in one of the workshops and we will be in touch for further details. You can withdraw anytime. Send your email informing on your professional activity and the country you are based, using our contact form or directly to

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