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Circularity Inclusive Conference

Last Thursday, March 9, RECSO recycled sustainable partner of the RECONMATIC project, has participated in the conference "Circularity Inclusive", an event that brought together various experts, companies and organizations of the circular economy and labor inclusion from various parts of the Spanish geography.

In this conference, Javier Llorente Muñoz from RECSO, shared the objectives and progress of the RECONMATIC project.

The conference included an inaugural speech by Carmen Devesa, project manager at AEICE Construcción Eficiente, economist specialized in energy and sustainability, who stated that "the economy has to change from linear to circular due to a principle of global sustainability".

Also on the day a round table was developed under the title "Circular economy in construction, new challenges of glass" formed by experts such as Javier Llorente, manager of RECSO; who analyze the opportunities in the new waste law and the role that can play the recycling of glass in the viability of a company insertion.

The event, funded by the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism of the European Union and the Ministry of Social Rights and Welfare of the Principality of Asturias, in collaboration with the Association of Asturian Societies of Associated Work and Social Economy (ASATA) is part of LLES, a high impact social innovation pilot project consisting of the development of three studies to support and generate knowledge on the value of the Social Economy, in the areas of long-term care and circular economy, as well as the implementation of two social innovation laboratories in two social services areas of Asturias.


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