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Call for Data. Can you help?

Let's explore how you can help our partner Morgan Sindall and the RECONMATIC Project by providing data on materials that will help us define and valorise the C&D waste, leading to better and more sustainable solutions.

We have developed a Materials Data Bank (MDB) as a tool built around manufacturer’s data relating to products and materials and will help us assess the waste for any given building/built asset during design, construction, operation and ultimately demolition.

The MDB offers a solution to help those involved within the industry including designers, clients, contractors, waste creators and processors to understand how together we can reduce waste before we start building, during construction and throughout the operation’s life cycle.

This will provide appropriate solutions to achieve cleaner material streams in the sorting of C&D waste. The MDB will be pivotal in recommending automation steps for improving the logistics and organisation of waste processing. The aim is to reach the target for the construction sector, within the UK/ Europe and beyond, being zero-waste by 2050, thereby achieving a true circular economy.

In our shared journey towards sustainability, RECONMATIC's collaborative vision stands strong. I see our partnership not just as a toolkit, but as a resonant call for manufacturers to shape a future where waste is opportunity. Your contribution to the MDB isn't just data – it's a spotlight on your commitment to circular practices. Here's to reshaping the narrative, one product at a time.

Kane Greenough, Supply Chain Sustainability Manager, Morgan Sindall

What is in it for you?

Your data will populate the MDP with information that allows intelligent decision-making to drive waste out throughout the project life cycle. This will provide easy access to data not currently available to designers, clients, contractors, waste creators and processors.

Allowing your data to be held in the MDB, helps you to highlight your circular economy credentials for your products and materials, as well as providing the opportunity for waste to be minimised and any waste that is created to gain economic value (valorisation). Other partners involved in RECONMATIC are looking for opportunities to turn what is currently waste into a valuable commodity that can be recycled into new and existing products e.g., ceramics, concrete and other products.

The data held in the MDB will provide the likes of architects and other designers access to your products and materials through another channel that doesn’t currently exist, with an emphasis on sustainability. In fact, as this is a pan-European tool, it will give you huge exposure to new markets. We hope the MDB will provide opportunities to enhance the sustainability and circular economy credentials of your business products and materials.

What will we do with your data?

The data we are asking for is a pilot to help us build the MDB tool and we would like your help in refining the data and the structure of this tool. We will of course be limiting access to this data to a limited number of manufacturers involved in the pilot during 2023. Ultimately, the MDB is intended to be a tool accessible by industry stakeholders, but your data remains your data. The MDB will link with other tools being developed by Morgan Sindall and other RECONMATIC partners. The graphic below outlines the links and relationships between the MDB and other tools.

Fig. 01 How our Materials Data Bank links with other digital tools.

How can you provide your data to us?

If you would like to help us by providing materials data, please click here and we will be in touch with you with next steps.



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