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Preparing the RECONMATIC Demonstration in Greece

On August 3rd, 2023, a team from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) visited the premises of Skyrodema Verias ABE (SKYDE) to discuss and work together on the Reconmatic’s demonstrator on fresh concrete waste management. SKYDE provided a guided tour of their concrete production factory, allowing the AUTH team members to gain a better understanding of the plant’s procedures, which are crucial for the development of the demonstrator. A visit to the limestone production quarry facilities followed.

Figure 1 : AUTH team members together with Skyrodema Verias AVE members on a walking tour of the concrete production factory.

Figure 2 : AUTH team members together with Skyrodema Verias AVE members on the limestone production quarry facilities.

The partners then held an in-depth discussion about the details of the fresh concrete management demonstrator development, namely about reducing the fresh concrete residua throughout the construction phase by using automation solutions. Fresh concrete waste is a major environmental issue, because of its low recycling rates and high carbon footprint. This productive meeting provided the two partners with the unique opportunity to have an in-field analysis of the current progress, resolve some practical challenges that have emerged during the demonstrator development, and share ideas and thoughts for the following steps.



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