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Building on DECOMPOSE project for legislative reforms in the construction sector

As RECONMATIC continues its commitment to fostering sustainable construction practices, we're very happy to shine a light on the DECOMPOSE project – a symbiotic initiative that aligns closely with our vision.

This endeavor is generously backed by the Czech national program "Environment for Life" under the auspices of the Czech Technology Agency. At its core, the research contingent comprises experts from three distinct departments of the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU). These are the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the Klokner Institute, and the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings. Collaboratively joining forces with academia are industry stalwarts Lavaris, s.r.o., Moravostav Brno a.s. (a construction and recycling pioneer), and Tomá STRAUB, a renowned name in construction.

Unfolding the DECOMPOSE Vision

The primary thrust of DECOMPOSE is to craft expert resources and advocate for legislative reforms. This is envisioned to substantially reduce waste footprints and propel the reuse of construction and demolition debris, possibly alongside other secondary raw materials. At its heart, the initiative delves deep into formulating strategies for optimal building deconstruction and recycling of demolition remnants.

While ardently promoting widespread recycling, the project is also diligently charting methodological recommendations. This encompasses a keen evaluation of the fundamental ecological footprint and its concurrent economic ramifications.

Path to Outcomes and Achievement Routes

As DECOMPOSE unfolds, there’s an unwavering focus on amplifying and refining knowledge surrounding the management of construction and demolition waste. This spans across the entire spectrum: from the initial demolition and breakdown phases, the intricate recycling processes, right through to reintegrating these materials into new construction systems and novel material production.

Central to realizing the DECOMPOSE mission are several pivotal actions:

  • Crafting systemic solutions to bolster the use of specific construction and demolition waste types, or the secondary materials derived therein.

  • Innovating feasible strategies for incorporating waste materials like plastics and tetra packs from diverse sectors into construction products.

  • Designing avenues ensuring products made from reclaimed materials are fully recyclable once their lifecycle concludes, aligning with prevailing EU mandates.

  • Generating research-driven reports to serve as the backbone for legislative revisions and introducing methods to support products birthed from secondary materials.

Synergies with RECONMATIC and Beyond

Inherently, DECOMPOSE builds on, and augments, a legacy of successful projects in the realm of building material recycling. While the spotlight is on legislative documentation creation, it also resonates with other undertakings previously spearheaded by CTU in Prague. A comprehensive list of these projects, which DECOMPOSE intends to complement, can be found on their webpage.

Currently, over 70% of the project's results and outputs have been completed, mainly encompassing detailed documents on varied construction and demolition waste types. These documents highlight effective applications both within the Czech Republic and broader European or global contexts.

Of note is the project's exploration into the potential of integrating selected waste into cement composites and contrasting this with untapped aggregates. At Moravostav Brno's advanced recycling hub, modified waste was both processed and put to the test. And, in the spirit of sharing knowledge beyond Czech borders, the RECONMATIC initiative is perfectly poised to capitalize on these insights. As we look forward to the fruits of DECOMPOSE, we remain committed to our shared vision of a more sustainable and innovative construction landscape.

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