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30 Must-Read Publications on Digital and Circular Building

The science behind the Tech4EUConstruction cluster’s innovations 

RECONMATIC, alongside seven other European-funded projects, has come together in the Tech4EUConstruction cluster to address sustainability, innovation adoption, and labour shortages within the European construction industry.

Today, we are sharing 30 must-read publications from the cluster, offering fresh insights for researchers and industry professionals. Discover the realm of next-generation technologies and innovations, exploring the science behind building renovation, sustainability monitoring, digital innovation technologies, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and materials & design.

Check out the various topics and articles below.

Topic 1 – Building Renovation and Sustainability Monitoring:

Topic 2 – Digital Innovation Technology:

Topic 3 – Energy Efficency and Renewable Energy:

Topic 4 – Material Science and Design:


 Ready to transform the industry?  


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