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New Paper presentation in the IEEE Globecom 2023

The second scientific paper from the RECONMATIC partner, the University of Thessaly (UTH), was proudly presented to the IEEE Globecom 2023, at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 4–8 December 2023. The paper is titled "When Machine Learning Meets Raft: How to Elect a Leader over a Network" and co-authored by the researchers Kostas Choumas and Thanasis Korakis. It was presented under the theme "Intelligent Communications for Shared Prosperity," of this flagship conference by the IEEE Communications Society, as part of a comprehensive, high-quality technical program and an engaging Industry program, featuring keynotes and panels led by prominent figures in research, industry, and government.


By presenting this paper, the UTH team got the chance to showcase their most recent work in the RECONMATIC project, referring to their design and enhancements of “HyperLedger Fabric”, the open-source technology that uses blockchain to enable trackability and immutability. 

Since “HyperLedger Fabric” is modular, the enhancement of its most essential service called the “Ordering service”, is a significant boost to its performance. 

In this study, the team of UTH presented how we use “Machine Learning” to improve the “Ordering service”, in particular its election process, when the components of this service are distributed to multiple sites. This is especially useful when the components of the RECONMATIC supply chain, used in Work Package 2, are geo-distributed over long distances.

Kostas Houmas from UTH presenting the paper

You can read and download the full paper here.


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More about IEEE GLOBECOM 2023

The IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM) stands as one of the IEEE Communications Society's two primary conferences devoted to fostering innovation across diverse communication domains. Annually, over 3000 scientific researchers and their leadership submit proposals for program sessions to be featured at the conference. Following a rigorous peer-review process, the most outstanding proposals are chosen to shape the conference program, encompassing technical papers, tutorials, workshops, and industry sessions. These sessions are meticulously crafted to propel the advancement of technologies, systems, and infrastructure, actively reshaping the global landscape of high-speed, seamless, and cost-effective telecommunications services for users worldwide.



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