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Visiting the Digital Construction Week: Advancing the RECONMATIC Project

We are thrilled to share the some updates and take aways from the the highly influential Digital Construction Week 2024, by Ali Saad, Phd Student in Salford University and a valued member of the RECONMATIC project consortium. The event, held to explore the digital transformation of the UK construction industry on 5-6 June, provided a wealth of insights from industry experts, valuable for the research .

Ali highlighted several standout talks that enriched his understanding and will significantly contribute to the RECONMATIC project's goals:

  • Shervin Yousefzadeh from GS1 UK delivered an enlightening presentation on utilizing GS1 standards for tracking construction products with unique identification.

  • Lars Christian Fredenlund offered a compelling perspective on Digital Product Passports in Construction, inspiring new approaches to product lifecycle management.

  • Goulielmos Floros, MEng., MSc., GMICE, discussed bridging the circular economy, ESG principles, and BIM processes to achieve more sustainable construction solutions.

  • Emilia Cardamone and Tamima Al Hassan from Turner & Townsend shared groundbreaking insights on the application of Digital Twins in real estate.

  • Ignacio Diaz-Maroto Rivas from Turner & Townsend and Nigel Stroud from Heathrow emphasized the importance of change, innovation, and collaboration, particularly in large-scale projects like those at Heathrow.

Ali expressed his enthusiasm for integrating these insights into his PhD research and the RECONMATIC project. Ali is currently exploring Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Management and how digital technologies can facilitate a Circular Economy in construction. His focus is on developing a Digital Information Management System that promotes the Construction Circular Economy. The aim of the DIMS will be to integrate and manage the data across the different RECONMATIC demonstrators, to enable a more efficient, effective, and seamless circular practices. By leveraging the knowledge gained from these experts, Ali aims to enhance Construction and Demolition Waste Management practices, pushing the construction industry towards a more sustainable future.

We look forward to seeing the advancements Ali will bring to the RECONMATIC project and the broader construction industry through these innovative approaches.

 “I believe that digital technologies have enormous potential to transform the way we manage C&D waste through the effective integration and management of information to enable a move towards a more sustainable construction and wider built environment sector”

Ali Nader Saad, Ph.D. student in The University of Salford in UK.

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