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Our UK partner, the University of Salford hosted the annual Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference (SPARC) last Wednesday 26 June and Thursday 27 June to bring together the postgraduate community to celebrate and showcase their research. This year's theme was “Sustainability” and it hosted different events such as a 3-Minute Thesis, parallel sessions, workshops, Poster presentations, Research Image Exhibition, and guest speakers. 

The RECONMATIC team participated in the following events:

Chairing: Dr. Juan Ferriz-Papi co-chaired a session on the animal kingdom, Ali Saad co-chaired the sustainable industries session and Olumide Fasanmi co-chaired the managing Health 2 session. The chairs moderated the workshop session, coordinated each researcher's presentation, and took questions from physical and virtual participants. Lastly, the two co-chairs for each session graded each presentation and submitted a report to the post-graduate school.

Parallel session: Olumide Fasanmi presented “A Sustainable Built Environment Through Pre-Demolition Audit” under the sustainable Industries category where he explains part of his research work with RECONMATIC and the role we are playing in developing automated solutions for circular constructions and demolition waste management through pre-demolition audits.  

Poster: A poster presentation was made by Olumide Fasanmi and displayed at the conference venue. The poster presentation captured his research on pre-demolition audits. It proposed a flow map for a standardised framework for conducting waste audits that will facilitate decision-making at end-of-service life.

Three minutes Thesis: Ali Saad participated in the famous 3-minute thesis, and attempted to compress the whole research work into a 3-minute presentation.

Awards: Two of RECONMATIC’s partners won an award at SPARC 2024. Namely, Professor Jason Underwood won the best supervisor award and Olumide Fasanmi won the best presenter for the sustainable industries!

This article was written by Juan Antonio Ferriz-Papi from our UK partner, the University of Salford. Stay tuned to our social media and news section at for the latest updates and subscribe to our newsletter to receive our news directly in your mailbox.

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