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Promoting RECONMATIC and CircularB COST Action’s mutual vision in “Places and Technologies 2023”

The 8th International Academic Conference “Places and Technologies 2023” was held in the Faculty of Architecture of Belgrade University in Belgrade, Serbia from 19/10 to 21/10 and was the first in-person conference after four years. The conference’s core topic was “Keeping up with technologies to imagine and build together sustainable, inclusive, and beautiful cities”.

Professor Katerina Tsikaloudaki from our partner at RECONMATIC, Laboratory of Building Construction and Building Physics (LBCP) of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) delivered her keynote speech “Embracing the principles of circular economy for sustainable built environments: new trends, approaches & challenges” on October 19. Her inspiring speech covered the area of the implementation of circularity principles in the built environment, a topic of high scientific interest nowadays, while part of it was dedicated to the presentation of the interconnected goals of RECONMATIC and CircularB COST Action.

Katerina Tsikaloudaki presenting at the 8th International Academic Conference “Places and Technologies 2023”

Professor Theodoros Theodosiou, member of LBCP and RECONMATIC’s AUTH team also attended the conference. Together with professor Tsikaloudaki  had the opportunity to discuss with other eminent members of the scientific community, exchange views and knowledge and share with them the common vision of RECONMATIC and CircularB projects and the collaboration that has been developed between them within the last several months.


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