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Digitalisation, Circular Economy and Infrastructure Workshop, University of Manchester

The “Resourceful Futures Challenge Area” of The University of Manchester successfully organised and hosted the “Digitisation, Circular Economy and Infrastructure Workshop” on 23 November 2023.

Presentation on Construction Circularity by Professor Yong Wang, The University of Manchester

Presentation on Digital Twins for Construction Waste Management by Dr Muhammad Omer, The University of Manchester

The workshop aimed to provide food for thought on how to utilise digitalisation and embrace the principles of the circular economy toward achieving sustainable development. One prominent application of these concepts lies in the enhancement of urban infrastructure. During the workshop, several examples of how these approaches can be employed in this context were put on the table for discussion.

The workshop started with three short presentations followed by a lively question and answer session. Two of the presentations were hosted by the University of Manchester, which is a member of the RECONMATIC project team. Namely, Professor Yong Wang emphasised the necessity of circularity in construction and introduced some methods of reuse of structures in order to achieve construction sustainability. Dr. Muhammad Omer during his presentation on “Digital Twins for Construction Waste Management” provided details of the work done in RECONMATIC, focusing on developing a digital model for automated and optimised construction waste management.

Stay tuned to the RECONMATIC news section for more updates on forthcoming seminars, workshops, conferences, and events.



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